Wireless Music Reactive LED

Wireless Music Reactive LED

Wireless Music Reactive LED is a circuit that runs on 9v Battery. The LED can illuminate according to the noise in the house without giving any input signal to this circuit.

Wireless Music Reactive LED Working Principle :

The mic in this circuit converts the sound into an analog signal and sends it to the LM358 IC. This IC amplifies the audio signal and sends it to the LM3915 IC This IC acts as a VU meter according to the voltage available at the input. The LM3915 IC glows one by one from the first LED to the last LED as it goes from low voltage to high voltage.

Uses :

  • This VU meter can be used in stereo amplifiers
  • desktop music Reactive LED

Circuit Diagram :

I Designed A Circuit Diagram From Easy EDA Website

Needed Components :

  • LM3915 IC – 1
  • MIC – 1
  • 10k Resistor -1
  • 1k resistor – 1
  • .1uf Capacitor – 2
  • 100k resistor – 2
  • LM358 IC – 1
  • 10k Potentiometer -1
  • 100 ohms Resistor – 1
  • LED – 10
  • 1k2 Resistror – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Past
  • lead
  • soldering Stand
  • PCB Holding Stand
  • Cutter

How To Make :

I designed the Music Reactive LED Circuit on the Easy Eda website and created the Gerber file. I uploaded this Gerber file on the JLCPCB website and ordered 10 PCB which costs 2 dollars. PCB was delivered in 8 days. I bought the required components in the Local Shop and then I put LEDs and all the components in the PCB and then soldered using the soldering iron and then cut the Excess Terminal and cleaned the PCB. And Connected The 9v Battery. And Assemble Any Plastic Case For Better result.

PCB Layout :

Gerber File :

Download Gerber File And Order PCB From Given Link Below

Make Video :

Also watch the full tutorial of this project on our Youtube channel


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