Wireless AC Line Tester Using LM324 IC New Idea

Wireless AC Line Tester

This post describes how to build a wireless Ac Line Tester using LM324 IC. This Line Tester is made up of only one LM324 IC and one LED. This Line Tester is used to detect supply voltage without contacting the AC line and to detect wire cut. This Low Cost Circuit can be easily built without a PCB.

Wireless Ac Line Tester Circuit Diagram:

I designed A circuit Diagram From Easy EDA Site

line tester

Needed Components :

  • LM324 IC – 1
  • Green LED – 1
  • Copper Wire – 10cm

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • soldering Past lead
  • soldering Holder
  • components holder
  • cutter

Demo Video :

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