Wireless AC Line Detector Circuit With BT136 Triac

This post describes how to build a wireless Ac Line Detector using BT136 Triac. This Line Tester is made up of BT136 Triac, BC548 Transistor and Two LED. This Line Tester is used to detect supply voltage without contacting the AC line and to detect wire cut. This Low Cost Circuit can be easily built without a PCB.

Wireless AC Line Detector Circuit Diagram :

i Designed A circuit From Easy Eda Site

Line Tester Circuit

Needed Componenets :

  • BT136 Triac – 1
  • LED – 2
  • BC548 Transistor – 2
  • 12v Battery

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Lead
  • Past
  • Components Holding Stand

Demo Video :

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