VU Meter

VU Meter

This Type VU Meter Make For Without IC or Transistor Using , No External Power Supply Using ,Super Effect Music Reactive LED.

VU Meter Working Principle :

This Vumeter is designed to operate using the voltage variation that comes from the amplifier’s speaker output. There is no internal power supply in this circuit.

In this circuit the capacitor and diode are used to convert the audio signal coming from the speaker output to the DC signal. Then the converted dc voltage goes through the 470 ohms resistor and turns on the LED. The next LED in it goes through the Diode and 470 ohms Resistor and turns on the LED. Thus the VU Meter operates according to the amplifier output variation

Circuit Diagram :

I Designed A Circuit Diagram From Easy EDA Site

Components Neede :

  • LED – 10
  • 470 ohms Resistor – 10
  • 4148 Diode – 9
  • 470uf Capacitor – 2
  • 2pin Screw Terminal – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Past
  • Lead Roll
  • PCB Holding Stand
  • Cutter

How To Make :

I designed the VU Meter Circuit on the Easy Eda website and created the Gerber file. I uploaded this Gerber file on the JLCPCB website and ordered 10 PCB which costs 2 dollars. PCB was delivered in 8 days. I bought the required components in the Electronic Shop and then I put all the components in the PCB and then soldered using the soldering iron and then cut the Excess Terminal and cleaned the PCB.

This VU Meter must be connected directly to the output of the Amplifier This Vumeter will not work on very low power amplifiers. Can be used on amplifiers above at least 40w. Since no IC transistor is used in this circuit, its performance will be low.

Gerber File :

Download this Gerber file and use it to order PCB

Make Video :

Also watch the full tutorial of this project on our youtube channel


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