TDA7292 Stereo Amplifier

The TDA7292 Stereo Amplifier is a Class AB Dual Audio Power Amplifier. Its audio power is 40w + 40w. Its audio quality is very clear.

TDA7292 Stereo Amplifier Working :

The TDA7292 Amplifier can run from 15-0-15 to 30-0-30. Its output power is 80w. This IC is capable of running on dual power (+ 15-0–15 V) and single power (0- + 15 V). This amplifier can load two 40w speakers.

The low-level stereo input given in this amplifier is amplified by TDA7292 and sent to the speaker attached to the output. The output level varies by varying the potentiometer attached to it.

Circuit Diagram :

I designed The Circuit Diagram From Easy EDA Website

Circuit Diagram

Needed Components :

  • TDA7292 IC – 1
  • 47k Potentiometer – 1
  • 1uf Capacitor – 2
  • 100uf Capacitor – 2
  • 18k Resistor – 2
  • 560 ohms Resistor – 2
  • 4.7 ohms resistor – 2
  • 104 j Capacitor – 2
  • Heat sink – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • soldering Stand
  • Past
  • Lead
  • PCB Holding Stand
  • Cutter

How To Make :

I designed the TDA7292 Stereo Amplifier Circuit on the Easy Eda website and created the Gerber file. I uploaded this Gerber file on the JLCPCB website and ordered 10 PCB which costs 2 dollars. PCB was delivered in 8 days. I bought the required components in the Local Shop and then I put all the components in the PCB and then soldered using the soldering iron and then cut the Excess Terminal and cleaned the PCB.

The TDA7292 IC must fit into a good aluminum heat sink. When the fan is connected to the heat sink the temperature of the IC decreases and thus the life of the IC is Increase.

This stereo amplifier is an easy-to-use potentiometer mounted on the PCB. It can be easily used for all amplifier projects.

PCB Layout :

Gerber File :

Download this Gerber file and use it to order PCB

Make Video :

Also watch the full tutorial of this project on our youtube channel


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