Push-Button LED Light Dimmer Circuit With MOSFET

Push-Button LED Light Dimmer Circuit .This post shows you how to vary the Brightness of LED Light using IRF540 MOSFET. Increase and decrease the brightness of the LED light using the two Micro Switch. Only a small amount of components have been used. Is the Low Cost Circuit.

LED Light Dimmer Circuit Diagram :

I designed A circuit Diagram from Easyeda site

Components Required :

  • IRF540 MOSFET – 1no
  • 1M Resistor – 1 no
  • Micro Switch – 2no
  • 1uf(105) Capacitor – 1no
  • Zero Board – 1no
  • 12v LED Light – 1no

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • PCB holding Stand
  • Lead
  • Past
  • Soldering Iron Stand

Demo Video :

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