Mode Changeable LED Light Dimmer Circuit

Mode Changeable LED Light Dimmer

mode changeable Led Light is to adjust the brightness of the LED light using a Micro Switch. By pressing the Micro Switch in this Circuit the LED Brightness is changed in three modes.This is an easy LED Dimmer Circuit.

Dimmer Working Principle :

4017 Decade Counter IC is used in this Dimmer circuit. A micro switch is attached to the clock pin of this Decade IC and a VDD is attached to the another end of this switch. The first output is high when this switch is pressed. This output signal goes through the 4.7 K Resistor and switches the 13003 Transistor so that the LED at the output glows in the first mode. Then when the Switch is pressed for the second time, the Resistor Value in the second output is less and the LED in Mode Two is slightly brighter than the first Mode. so the Circuit operates in all three modes.

Circuit Diagram :

I Designed A Circuit Diagram From Easy Eda Site

LED Dimmer Circuit

Needed Components :

  • Zero Board – 1
  • 4017 IC – 1
  • 13003 Transistor – 1
  • 4007 Diode – 3
  • 4.7k Resistor – 1
  • 2.2k Resistor – 1
  • 100 ohms Resistor – 1
  • 100k Resistor – 1
  • 4.7uf/63v Capacitor – 1
  • Micro switch – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Past
  • Lead
  • PCB Holding Stand
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • Cutter

How To Make Dimmer Circuit :

Dimmer Circuit is made of zero PCB board. First we need to fix all the components like 4017 IC and Transistor, Resistor in the PCB and then we have to make the Circuit with the soldering lead in the given Circuit.

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