Mini FM Transmitter

Fm Transmitter

SN74LS13N IC Using Mini FM Transmitter Circuit, Without Any Oscillation Coil Using, This Type Transmitter Transmit a Clear Sounds To FM Receivers. This transmitter transmits the audio signal wirelessly to the FM receiver.

Working Principle :

The transmitter IC is powered by 5v so the 5V Regulator IC is used. After giving 9V supply to the transmitter, the audio signal we produce while talking goes to SN74LS13 N IC via Mic This IC converts the audio signal into a radio signal and transmits it through an antenna. We can tune this signal with an FM receiver and receive the audio signal.


this transmitter can be used for science projects. And can be used to transmit audio indoors. This transmitter should not be used outdoors as it will cross with many radio signals.

Circuit Diagram :

I Designed A circuit Diagram From EASY EDA Website.

circuit diagram

Components Needed :

  • SN74LS13N IC – 1
  • Condenser MIC – 1
  • SE78L05V – 1
  • 4.7k Resistor – 1
  • 100nf Capacitror – 1
  • 22pf Capacitor – 1
  • 5.6k Resistor – 1
  • LED – 1
  • 103 capacitor – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering Past
  • Lead
  • cutter
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • PCB Holding Stand

Mini FM Transmitter Making :

First I designed the FM Transmitter Circuit on the Easy Eda website and created the Gerber file. I uploaded this Gerber file on the JLCPCB website and ordered 10 PCB which costs 2 dollars. PCB was delivered in 8 days. The required part list and circuit diagram for this transmitter are given above. I bought the required components in the Electronic Shop and then I put all the components in the PCB and then soldered using the soldering iron and then cut the Excess Terminal and cleaned the PCB.

PCB Layout :

Gerber File :

Make Video :

Also watch the full tutorial of this project on our youtube channel.

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