Make A Simple 3.7v Li-ion Battery Charger Circuit Using TC3582DA IC

3.7v Li-ion Battery Charger circuit

This post describes how to build a 3.7V Li-ion Battery Charger circuit using TC3582DA. This Charger Circuit has Battery charging indicator and Battery full Indicator. When the Charging Indicator is Battery Charge, the Red LED is Blink. When the battery is full, the Battery full indicator Green LED will glow

3.7v Li-ion Battery Charger Circuit Diagram :

Designed A circuit Diagram From Easy EDA

3.7v li-ion  Battery Charger

Needed Components :

  • TC3582DA – 1
  • Green LED – 1
  • RED LED – 1
  • Zero PCB – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Lead
  • Past
  • PCB Holding Stand

Demo Video :


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