Make A 3.7v LI-ion Battery Charger Circuit

This post describes how to build a 3.7V Li-ion Battery Charger circuit using LM358 IC. This Charger Circuit has Battery charging indicator and Battery full Indicator. When the Charging Indicator is Battery Charge, the Red LED is Blink. When the battery is full, the Battery full indicator Green LED will glow.

Table of Contents

3.7v LI-ion Battery Charger Circuit Diagram :

Components Needed :

  • LM358 IC – 1No
  • 1k Resistor – 4No
  • 100k Resistor – 3No
  • 100nf Capacitor – 1No
  • 100uf/25v Capacitor – 1No
  • 470 Resistor – 1No
  • 1M Resistor – 1No
  • Tip42 Transistor – 1No
  • 2Pin Screw Terminal – 2No
  • RED,Yellow,Green LED – 1No
  • PCB

PCB Layout :

PCB Gerber File :

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