High Power 5v Regulator Circuit

highpower 5v regulator

This post shows you how to build a high power 5V Regulator using z44 Mosfet and BC 547 Transistor. The 5V zener diode used in it helps to get constant 5V. In this circuit, the output is 6V to 24v but the output is constant high power 5v.

5v Regulator Circuit Diagram :

Components Needed :

  • IRFZ44 Mosfet – 1no
  • BC547 Transistor – 1no
  • 68k Resistor – 2no
  • 5v Zener Diode – 1no

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering iron
  • lead
  • past
  • cutter
  • wire
  • holding stand

Demo Video :

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