Dual LED Flasher Circuit With Speed Control

This post shows you. Dual LED Flasher Circuit With Speed Control.You can increase or decrease the LED flashing speed using the potentiometer used in it. This is a very simple circuit. This Flasher can be used on bikes and cars

LED Flasher Circuit Diagram :

I designed Circuit Diagram From Easy EDA Site

Components Needed:

  • TIP122 Transistor – 2No
  • 100uf Capacitor – 2No
  • 3pin Screw Terminal – 1no
  • 2Pin Screw Terminal – 1no
  • 47k Potentiometer – 1no
  • 5.6k Resistor – 2no
  • zero board – 1no

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Stand
  • PCB Holding Stand
  • Lead & Past
  • Cutter
  • Wire

Demo Video :

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