DC Motor Forward Reverse Control

DC Motor Forward Reverse Control

In This Post We Will See How To Drive a DC Motor Forward and Reverse control Using One Relay And Two Micro Switches, We can easily Use This Circuit in Projects Like Small Toy Car.

DC Motor Forward Reverse Control working Principle :

Two Micro Switches are used in which the motor is set to move in the forward direction if one switch is pressed and in the reverse direction when the other button is pressed. The relay used in this is a dual channel relay. The motor operates in the forward and reverse direction by making the coil in the relay energize and de energize.

Circuit Diagram:

Components In This Circuit:

  • 12v Dual Channel Relay – 1
  • 1N4007 Diode – 1
  • 12v DC Motor – 1
  • Micro Switches – 2
  • Connecting Wires – Required

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • lead
  • Past
  • Soldering iron Stand
  • cutter

How To Connect :

In this circuit the pin 1 and 16th pin coil of the 12 V relay, pin 13 and pin 4 Common, pin 11 and pin 6 are normally closed, pin 9 and pin 8 are normally open. The anode of the 4007 diode is connected to pin 16 of the relay and the cathode to pin 9. The pin 1 of the Rev Switch is plugged into pin 16 of the relay, the pin 1 of the Fwd Switch is connected to pin 9 of the relay, the pin 2 of the Rev and Fwd Switch is plugged in to give a +12 V battery. Connect the +ve and – ve terminals of the motor to pin 13 and pin 4.Connect pin 9 to pin 6 of relay, pin 8 to pin 11 and pin 1 to the negative voltage of the battery.

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Also watch the full tutorial of this project on our youtube channel.

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