Adjustable Dual LED Flasher

Adjustable Dual LED Flasher

The Dual LED Flasher Circuit is made using two BC547 Transistor which is a Flip Flop LED whose speed can be adjusted with 10k preset.

Dual LED Flasher Connection :

This LED Flasher is used for two BC547 NPN Transistors The + ve terminal of the 220uf Capacitor is connected to the Collector of these two Transistors. Two Capacitors – Ve Terminal are connected together and two LEDs – Ve terminal are connected. The + ve terminal of these LEDs is connected to the Emitter Terminal of the two transistors. Connect two 560 ohms resistors from the collectors of the transistors and connect them to the 1st and 3rd pins of the preset and give the ground at the 2nd pin + ve 12v and the capacitor’s -ve.

Circuit Diagram :

I designed Circuit Diagram From Easy EDA

Components Needed :

  • BC547 Transistor – 2
  • 220uf /25v Capacitor – 2
  • 560 ohms Resistor – 2
  • Green LED – 1
  • RED LED – 1
  • 10k Preset – 1

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Past
  • Lead
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • Cutter

Making Video :

Also watch the full tutorial of this project on our youtube channel

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