4017 LED Chaser

4017 LED Chaser

Describes how to make a 10 channel LED Chaser using CD4017 IC and 555 Timer IC. This is a very easy Chaser Circuit that everyone can easily create and use. In this project, I’ll show you how to make a simple LED chaser circuit using 555 timers, 4017 IC and then I’ll explain to you how this circuit works. Also, the LED chasing rate can be adjusted by using a 10K potentiometer in place of the resistor. So let’s get started.

4017 LED Chaser Working Principle :

Here the 555 timer IC is configured to function in an astable mode which means it’s output changes between high and low. The duration of each pulse depends on the values of capacitor and resistors used. This pulsed output is sent to the clock input of the 4017 IC. Now 4017 IC is a decade counter which switches the output to the next sequential pin each time it senses a low-to-high transition at the clock input pin. This sequential switching which looks like the LED’s are chasing each other continuously until the 10th LED and then the output resets back to the first one. This process repeats again and again.

Circuit Diagram :

Needed Components :

  • CD4017 IC – 1
  • 555 IC – 1
  • 680 ohms Resistor – 1
  • 10k Resistor – 1
  • 0.01uf Capacitor – 1
  • 10uf Capacitor – 1
  • 10k Preset – 1
  • LED – 10

Tools Needed :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering iron Stand
  • Past
  • lead
  • PCB Holding Stand
  • Cutter

How To Make :

I designed the LED Chaser Circuit on the Easy Eda website and created the Gerber file. I uploaded this Gerber file on the JLCPCB website and ordered 10 PCB which costs 2 dollars. PCB was delivered in 1 Week. I bought the required components in the Electronic Shop and then I put all the components in the PCB and then soldered using the soldering iron and then cut the Excess Terminal and cleaned the PCB.

PCB Layout :

Gerber File :

Make Video :

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