12v Battery Charger With Auto Cut-OFF And ON Circuit

12v Battery Charger

This post shows you how to make an easy 12v Battery Charger with Auto cut-off and ON Circuit for 12v lead Acid battery. This circuit is set to automatically cut-off when the battery reaches full charge. This circuit uses a transistor and a mosfet. This is a very simple circuit.

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12v Battery Charger Circuit :

Matterial Required :

  • Tip122 – 1no
  • P55nf06 (or) IRFZ44 – 1no
  • 4.7k Resistor – 1no
  • 1k Resistor – 1no
  • 1n4007 Diode – 1no
  • 100k Pot – 1no
  • LED – 1no

Tools Required :

  • Soldering
  • Lead
  • past
  • Cutter
  • Component Holder

Demo Video :

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